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I'm Gustavo. A content writer, dedicated mixed martial artist, UFC die-hard fan, and bettor. I write relevant SEO optimized content for bloggers and brands.

I work with discipline, honor, and a relentless attitude towards results. If you are in need of articulate words for your web content, I'm your guy.

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It’s simple, four steps:

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A good Strategy is your map towards results. It tells you what to messure, what's your goal and how you're going to get there. No Strategy no growth.

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UFC 235: Betting Picks

1,442 Words

Last December in UFC 232 we saw the return of Jon “Bones” Jones. He fought Alexander Gustafsson for the light heavyweight title. That night Jones went home with a knockout victory in the third round and the champion belt. During his career, Jones lost only one time against Matt Hamill in 2009. “Bones” was disqualified for performing an illegal attack (12-6 elbows) on Hamill. Jones, is arguably, one of the greatest fighters we’ve ever seen in the octagon, and he holds three UFC records:

  • He’s the youngest fighter who has won the title of UFC champion (23 years, 242 days).
  • The longest series of victories in the light heavyweight division (14).
  • The most finishes in the light heavyweight (6).
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UFC Fight Night 143: Betting Picks

796 Words

The first UFC event of the year—UFC Fight Night 143: Henry Cejudo Vs. TJ Dillashaw is here and as a fan and bettor I couldn’t be more excited about it. We’re starting the year with a title fight in the flyweight division, where TJ could join the selected group of “champ-champs”. Certainly, this will be a night where the history of the sport is written in front of our eyes.

In one corner we have Henry Cejudo (13-2-0), former Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling and the current flyweight division champion after defeating, in my opinion, one of the greatest mixed martial artist of all times, Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, in UFC 227 by decision after two years of losing against “Mighty Mouse” via TKO in the first-round.

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UFC 232: Betting Picks

1,063 Words

The last UFC showdown of the year it's almost here. The UFC 232 on December 29th will have the long-awaited return of Jon Jones. Alexander Gustafsson said the “Jones era is over” and he’s about to show it. Cris Cyborg and Amanda Nunes will go down in the best pound-for-pound clash of the night. And as an entrée, Carlos Condit and Michael Chiesa will battle in a welterweight division matchup. The UFC 232 will be this Saturday at the Forum, in Inglewood, California. Let’s take a deep dive looking for winners.

Jon Jones Vs. Alexander Gustafsson Fight Odds

The betting line opened with Jones as -295. Now 52% of the betting public is taking Alexander Gustafsson to win. It’s a close one but Jones inability to fight on a regular basis is a concern. It’s been a while since we saw Jon Jones inside the octagon. Arguably the best fighter in the history of the UFC will get back in action in a high-profile matchup against Alexander Gustafsson. The fight is valid for the vacant 205-pound title in UFC 232 main event.

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UFC 230: Betting Picks

738 Words

UFC 230 is around the corner and this will be one of those nights loaded with action for fans and bettors. This might be Daniel Cormier’s (DC) last fight before he faces Brock Lesnar, of course, as long as he defeats Derrick Lewis. Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis got this opportunity after defeating Alexander Volkov at the end of the third round in UFC 229.

Volkov dominated the fight and the judges probably were considering giving him the victory by unanimous decision. However, the Black Beast had other plans and knocked him out. DC is coming to the fight after winning the title by knocking out Stipe Miocic. We will see what happens on fight night, for now, we’re certain it will be an entertaining fight in the heavyweight division and a Clash of The Titans.

Cormier Vs. Lewis Fight Odds

Cormier opened as the firm favorite in this one at -625. Lewis, as the dog, had odds around +430 to win the fight when the odds initially opened. As the market has matured, Cormier has increased his advantage with the oddsmakers. He is now -675 to win the fight and as high as -750 at some sportsbooks. The best price to be found on Derrick Lewis is +520 as of this writing.

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Google AdSense Alternatives

17,000 words

There are some ad networks you’ll find with a badge in their website that says they're part of the Google Publishing Partners program.

Certified Publishing Partners are companies that Google has certified as experts in providing support to web publishers with Google’s tools like AdSense, DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

If you have a healthy AdSense account and you’re looking to expand your horizons trying other tools or if you’re new to Google AdSense and other related Google products. Working with companies partnering with Google could be an amazing opportunity for you.

Many companies claim to be Google Partners, but only a few are actually part of the program. All certified companies are listed on this page. Select the location and If they are not on that list it means they are not a Google qualified Partner.

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Wordpress blog from scratch with Bluehost

1,826 words

Creating a Wordpress blog has never been easier, the days where the internet was dark magic limited to engineers and “geeks” are far behind us. Right now, all you need to create a professional blog is basic computing skills, time, a small amount of money to invest, and a burning desire to help others.

People love blogging for many reasons:

  • To express themselves creatively
  • Share knowledge with the world
  • Generate a new income source
  • Improve their writing
  • To Build authority for a business

It doesn’t matter what’s your motivation to create a blog, Bluehost makes the process effortless with their one-click installation.

With Bluehost one click is all you need to bring your blog into life, and to be honest, you won’t require millions of visitors to monetize your blog if that’s your goal.

Ready? let’s walk through the whole process together.

Affiliate Marketing Networks

5,000 Words

If you aspire to thrive as an affiliate it’s almost mandatory for you to learn how to leverage affiliate marketing networks.

You must be asking, why affiliate networks are necessary for my success? Well, I’m glad you ask.

It’s simple, without affiliate networks you’ll be finding and managing affiliate programs individually. Besides, probably there’s as many affiliate programs as websites online.

Too many options to choose from!

Imagine you would like to promote 15 different offers from a variety of brands on your book reviews website.

You might end up joining 15 different affiliate programs for those 15 products, this means obtaining their promotional material, solve issues with link tracking, defining a cookie policy, payment issues, and we could go on and on with more things you might need to do instead of focusing your time and energy in actually keep growing your site. Not an easy task right?

Keep in mind that many brands will have incredible products, however, their affiliate programs might not be that great and organize.

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